who we are
In Few Words, AGZIA is an AgFood knowledge and Investment Partner specifically created to cater a variety of needs in emerging markets.
15 years of exposure to the Food Processing Industry on the Global scene, has led a team of Food professionals within the industry realize the need to create a platform that could channel loads of knowledge to be deployed into a specific AgFood project.

AGZIA's global network of experts across the Food supply chain, come from a broad range of expertise;

Investments Strategists

Process Engineers



Food Engineers

Food Engineers





Driven by the same passion, our consultants members scattered over 4 continents (so far - America, Europe, Asia, Africa) bring along a cumulated 150 years of specific AgFood expertise.

At AGZIA we gave a new flair to consultancy.

Loving our network of industry friends and partners, we strengthen our involvement in any given project with an organically driven networking, solidifying any value added solution we propose.​

The multidisciplinary approach given to our projects allow us to deliver unprecedented holistic solutions to greenfield projects, expansion projects and M&A deals.​

Mostly, our first time clients next time partners, are typically Agro Food Investor, Established Food Processing Companies, Food Distribution Companies, Agro Food Governmental and Semi Governmental Organizations, Food Dreamers and Food Techy startupers.

You can check out few of the concept teasers we have presented in here, that's the tip of the iceberg, get in touch to pick our brains for more…

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Johny Baldon
CEO at Turus Berkarya

Food Industry Brainiacs

Olaf Abi Aad

15 Years | Strategy | Investment | Business Planning |Financial Modelling | Fund Raising |Business Development |

Chirine Watfa

13 Years | Nutritional Sciences | Business Development | Menu Engineering | Catering Services | Franchise Operations

Mirna Rouphael

15 Years | Project Management | Salty Snacks | Project Engineering | New Product Development | Packaging Expertise

Jake Shirikian

30 Years | Industrial Engineering | Food Process Engineering | Food Processing Management | | Dairy | Bakery

John Balian

15 Years | Food Start-Ups | Tech-Industry | Business Planning | Franchising | Business Development | Value Creation |

Jihad Daher

15 Years | Industrial Food Start-ups | Farm Operations Management | Liquid and Proteins Manufacturing | Project Management

Phillipe Jeantot

25 Years | Manufacturing Operations| Plant Management |Industrial Research and Development | New Product Development |

Maria Achkar

4 Years | Agro Food Engineer | Vegan Product Development Specialist | Innovation | Ingredient Tech